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We are D2 Interieurs! The D2 crew is a team of interior designers, craftsmen and construction managers that create beautiful homes and custom furniture.  We spend every day immersed in combining the technical elements of design with the aesthetics of what makes every one of our clients homes uniquely beautiful, professionally finished and totally lived in.  Based in Fairfield County, we go (often as a team) where our clients and projects take us which has been across New York City, Westchester County, the Hamptons, Miami, the Hudson Valley, Litchfield County and more recently London, UK.

In our 5th consecutive year as the ‘Best of Houzz’, D2 is an Award winning full service interior design firm that specializes in creating aesthetically unique living spaces for both new and renovated homes.  D2 Founder and CEO Denise Davies, leads the design and product teams at D2 and is personally an avid collector of mid century modern art, artifacts and furniture and a sponsor of many local artists and craftspeople.  D2’s full time staff includes a highly diverse team of interior and architectural designers and project managers with backgrounds in architecture, residential design/build, art curation interior and scenic design, construction, relocation and product management.

D2’s process includes us spending a great deal of time with our clients in their new home (in many cases, before they move in).  This not only ensures that clients get the individualized result that they want, it also has us complete projects very quickly and efficiently and often in sync with a clients plans to relocate.

Our projects have included all phases of the process from consultations on initial home purchases, through renovation and interior design up through and including the actual relocation of our clients in to their new home.

Please contact us for an initial consultation with Denise Davies and the D2 crew.

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Our services include:

  • Full Service Interior Design

  • Architectural Design & Millwork

  • Remodeling, Construction & Renovation

  • Signature "Last Layer" Styling & Accessorizing

  • Custom Furniture, Upholstery & Window Treatments

  • Space Planning & Organization

  • Art consulting